Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Blogging in Harford County

As we enter the Harford County political doldrums over the next month or two before summer starts, I’ll give you an update on the blog so far.

Historically speaking we are breaking new ground here. As far as I can tell this is the only blog dedicated solely to Harford County politics. Blogs are beginning to play a more important role in the political discussion across the country and I thought it was time for Harford County to join the club. That being said it is ultimately my opinion or my interpretation of news and events. As the blog grows I will create a team of bloggers to keep the information fresh and varied in perspective. Blogs are slowly replacing letters to the editors. Newspapers will always be useful for the gathering and disseminating of news but the discussion of that news is now transferring to the blogs. People no longer need to write a letter to the editor to make their opinions known. Now it will take a generation or two of bloggers for this to be realized. Newspaper companies are already beginning to realize it with the reductions in staff. We have so many alternatives when it comes to finding news and blogs are becoming the opinion page. This does not make the media happy because they no longer control the opinions.

I publish everyone’s comments as long as they do not use foul language. All of the comments have been anonymous thus far and that is completely fine. Anonymity on this site is guaranteed. Please feel free to post a comment on anything at any time. With almost 1,300 hits in the last two months it is clear that many people will see your comments. I have said this before and I will say it again. I am excited about this election year. I am even more excited in the fact that this blog may play a minor part in the elections. I have been contacted by members of the media, candidates, and other citizens who have just been curious about this site. I welcome your input and hope you enjoy the reading, even if you hate every word I write.


At 10:27 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what legislator do you work for? sen. hooper, i would think..

At 10:40 AM, Blogger GOPerative said...

Sorry, but there is no way I'm commuting to Annapolis every day. I'm not hopping in the traffic that all these crazy developers and greedy farmers have created.

At 6:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Political doldrums? What about this rezoning mess is boring you?? As for the first anonymous comment, you calling yourself an "insider" and inexplicably and consistently endorsing the party-switching, ineffective Sen. Hooper would lend some credence to that notion..

At 8:09 PM, Blogger GOPerative said...

Come on anonymous. Were you at the County Council meeting the other day? They talked about whether there should be trees in someone’s front yard for about 30 minutes. How boring is that? I already made my predictions on the rezoning. It will be a mess. Slutzky is calling for it to start all over again. I am on the record supporting that. You cannot legally change the rules mid stride.

I do support Bob Hooper but I certainly do not work for him. He is a party switcher but his record speaks for itself. I did not vote for him when he ran against Glassman. Although, I probably would now. In 1998, I didn't support him in the Primary but did in the General over Fry. I have not always supported Hooper. He has certainly won me over.

You mentioned the words “inexplicably and consistently.” I think I mentioned Bob twice in all my writings. I guess I am consistent; I like Bob Hooper. You write as if it is a bad thing to be consistent. What is inexplicable about my support of Hooper? I have mentioned that he is a man of principle, has good character, and high moral standards. I think that is enough explanation. When you mentioned “ineffective” I am assuming you are referring the Gazette article about the “least effective” legislators in Annapolis. The polls on my website are more scientific that the polls used to write that article. Again, I already mentioned that if being effective in Annapolis means being a puppet for the democratic party then I would rather Bob, Nancy, and Andy fight each other to be #1 on that list.


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