Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Council Races are Lining Up

With Kevin Patrick Kane’s announcement in last Friday’s Aegis we have several of the races starting to get lined up. We are by no means finished but this may give some people clarity on who is where and who is challenging who. With the exiting of multiple Councilmen we will see new faces in the Council next year. District C and F are pretty much up in the air.

Council President: Aaron Kazi vs. Robert Wagner vs. Michael Geppi

District A: Chris Biggs vs. Paula Mullis

District B: Kevin Patrick Kane vs. Roni Chenowith

District C: Rumors have Terry Hanley, Jim McMahon, Dave Carey, Cassilly write-in

District D: Jason Gallion vs. Chad Shrodes vs. Amy Daney (filed 3/3/06)

District E: Glenn Spatz vs. Dick “Coach” Slutzky

District F: John Correri vs. ???

I will begin running some early polls on some of the more decided races to see who has the early leads. If there are others that need to be added please let me know. I know that I am forgetting someone in district D.


At 10:45 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who the heck is Aaron Kazi? Add Mike Geppi to those likely running against Wagner...

At 11:46 AM, Blogger GOPerative said...

I'll add Geppi. I hope you are right. Those rumors dried up for a bit. Aaron Kazi is a good guy. He owns The Canton Group which probably means he is loaded. I did a little research on him and found him on Michael Steele's finance database. Kazi in-kinded the website. He filed in the beginning of February. He is connected with some other people who are running. He was going to run for Miller's seat but that race is getting a little bit crowded. I think Geppi could have his hands full with Kazi. One thing is for sure though, Wagner is done.


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